1. Common Bail Conditions You May Need to Meet

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  2. Why Payment Options on Bail Bonds Makes Sense

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  3. Does It Make Sense to Pay Your Full Bail Amount?

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  6. What Does It Take To Become a Bail Bondsman?

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  8. Why Do Judges Allow Bail In The First Place?

    In some recent blogs, we detailed seven reasons a judge might deny someone bail. If the judge takes a look at the evidence and thinks that the accused might be violent or has reasons to skip bail, then they might deny them bail. And if a person is already out on bail and gets in trouble with the law…Read More

  9. 3 More Reasons A Judge Might Prevent Your Need For Bail Bonds

    In our previous blog, we detailed four of the most common questions judges ask themselves when deciding whether or not to grant someone bail. The severity of the crime has a lot to with it, as murder or kidnapping will almost certainly cause a judge to deny bail. The judge will also consider whether…Read More