1. Your Source for Bail Bonds in Hawaii

    Are you searching for a bail bonds service in Honolulu, HI? If so, then you’re in the right place! At Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds, our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with the best possible experience. We know that what you’re going through is incredibly taxing but we want you …Read More

  2. Do You Have a Bad Impression of Bail Bond Agencies?

    You don’t have to tell us that the bail bond industry has a bad reputation. While you might give a bail bond agency the side-eye every time you drive past it, we’re on the receiving end of many of the negative stereotypes that plague bail bondsmen and the entire industry! Now if you’ve worked …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons To Choose Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds

    At Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds, we’re interested in helping anyone who comes to us looking for help. And we’re not just interested in a “sign here, give us the money” sort of way. We realize that when you’re looking for bail bonds that you’re not having a very good day. We’re here to help…Read More

  4. What Makes Our Bail Bond Company Special?

    When you’re in the middle of a bad situation and you’re in need of a bail bond company, do you know who to turn to? It’s never a pleasant experience to be woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call from a loved one letting you know that they’ve been arrested. The truth of the matter…Read More

  5. Bail Bond Agencies in the Media

    We’ve mentioned in blog posts before, but thanks to television and movies, there’s often some sort of misconception about the difference between a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter. In some instances, those two roles can overlap, but in many instances, the truth of the matter is that things go s…Read More

  6. How Does a Judge Decide Who to Grant Bail To?

    At Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds on Oahu, one of the questions we get on a regular basis is how a judge makes the decision about when to grant bail. In some instances, a person who gets arrested is eligible for bail; in other instances, that’s not the case. So what factors are taken into consideration?…Read More

  7. The Strangest Crimes of All Time

    At Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds in Oahu, we have heard of a number of strange crimes over the years. We’ve been in this business for quite some time and that pretty much means that we’ve seen it all. As it turns out, however, some of the crimes we have heard about aren’t as crazy as we once though…Read More

  8. We’ll Always Go Above and Beyond for Our Customers

    If you’re anything like the majority of people out there, you’re not expecting to be arrested any time soon. You see, most people in the United States have no intention of ever getting into trouble with the law. Unfortunately, however, people are arrested every day. After all, if people weren’…Read More