In our previous blog, we discussed some of the biggest reasons why people have a bad impression of bail bond agents. While our industry is highly-regulated and we’re sure you’d get along with us if you need to post bail sometime, the bail bond business as a whole has a bad reputation.

Honestly, we understand it to some degree. After all, the industry in the past was a bit shady, but there are many regulations today that makes it a more honest business. We also deal with allegded criminals on a daily basis, and by association some people form a negative view of us. Not only that, but since we’re a 24/7 bail bond agent, we also have to work when it’s dark, a time of day most people associate with crime and illicit activities. Television and movies certainly don’t help the image of bondsmen, because they’re most often portrayed preying on people in order to make their show “grittier.”

But just because we understand why people might look down on the bail bond industry doesn’t mean we have to embrace it. We’re more than happy to dispel some more myths about bail bond agents and where they work. Here are a few more reasons that bail bond agents have an (often unearned) negative reputation.

A Bondsman Is Seen As the Opposite of A Police Officer

A police officer has many duties, one of which is to arrest anyone who commits a felony. At that point they’ll process the offender and put them in jail. Then what does a bail bondsman do? They come along and get the person out of jail, a person who may well go to prison after the trial. In some ways, doesn’t that make bail agents the opposite of a police officer?

It’s true, we get people out of jail. But the primary reason that bail bonds exist is because the court system is very slow, and the US Constitution guarantees a speedy trial. When people are out on bail, they are able to return to their jobs and support their families, as well as have more resources at their disposal to plan their defense. Should a person stay in jail for months simply because they are too poor to come up with $25,000 in bail money? In general, people are considered innocent until proven guilty, and if they are not deemed dangerous to society and can’t get the speedy trial they deserve (as decided by a judge), we can help them come up with bail money.

It Might Be The Part of Town

You don’t see a lot of scuba shops in Kansas, or snow ski shops in Florida. Businesses tend to operate where they’re most needed and where they can get the most customers.

It’s true of bail bond agencies as well. We’ll nearly always operate near a police station or a courthouse. Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds has positioned ourselves at 1001 Bishop Street in Honolulu, very close to a district court and the courthouse.

While we’re in a nice location, that’s not always the case with all bail bondsmen. Many bail bond agencies are in poorer parts of town, catering to those people who might not have cash on hand to pay for bail. This often means that their offices aren’t quite so nice and modern, and a middle-class person driving past forms a generally negative view of them.

Do We Take Advantage of People?

As we’ve mentioned many times before, the people who search out bail money are often in a hurry. They receive a phone call (in the middle of the night more often than not) letting them know that a friend, relative, or loved one has been arrested and can get out only if they provide the bail money to the court. They want to move quickly because few people want to see someone they know spend any more time in jail.

So are we, as bail bond agents, taking advantage of a situation? We’d argue “no.” If you need cough medicine at 3 am, you’re in a desperate situation but don’t judge the 24-hour drug store. Does anyone think a dentist is taking advantage of anyone when he resets a tooth that has been knocked out? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples in which a business is helping someone when they’re desperate, from tow trucks to doctors to plumbers.

If Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds was the only bail bond company on O’ahu and we had a monopoly, then someone might be able to complain. But considering that there are multiple options and that we are legally limited in the amount we can charge, we believe that the service we provide is a helpful one to people in need. We don’t jack up our prices from midnight to 6 am just because there’s a rush on bail bonds during that time.

Yes, you should still be careful when it comes to bail bond agencies, because there will always be someone trying to take advantage of a situation. Read online reviews, spend a couple of minutes to ask around if you have the time. If you feel that you’re being taken advantage of or if you don’t feel comfortable with the bail bond agent in front of you, then bail on them! We’re sure that with a little research you can avoid the less-friendly bail bond agencies and land on one like W.G.O.B.B.

We’re On Your Side!

When it comes to bail bond agencies, we understand why people have a negative view of them. After all, in this blog and the last one we wrote we came up with seven reasons that bail bond agencies can have a bad reputation. We hope that we’ve dispelled enough of them that you can feel confident getting your bail money from us. Every type of work will have an outlier trying to take advantage of people; we just don’t want you to judge our bond agency by their actions.

If you’re convinced that Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds is your bail bond company of choice, we’d love to talk to you about your current legal problem. Contact us today!