Transfer bonds

If you are paying bail for someone in custody in Hawaii and you are out of state, you’ll need a transfer bond. Essentially, you will post bail at your local office and it will be transferred to Hawaii. We can help set up the transfer bond for you.

If a friend or family member gets arrested on the mainland, you can come to us to set up a transfer bond. The arrested person may or may not be able to come back to Hawaii until after the trial.


Surety bonds

What is a surety bond?

While cash bonds are simple and transfer bonds are dependent on locality, surety bonds use insurance to make bail. This is usually the cheapest of the options. You pay a non-refundable premium instead of the full amount, and we cover the rest.

Non-refundable? What about getting bail back?

Paying a cash bond will get you a bail refund from the courts. However, surety bonds require you to pay a percentage of the bail, while we handle the rest. This percentage is our fee for handling the bail process and helps to cover the insurance necessary to make bail.

It seems like cash bonds are better

Cash bonds do make a lot of sense. However, keep in mind that bail amounts are entirely up to the judge and can be very high. Also, there is no guarantee of a refund, as the bail amount will be used to pay court costs and fines. You get refunded whatever amount is left.

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