Whether you’re in jail yourself and want to bail yourself out, or you’ve received a call and found out that a friend or loved one is in jail, you’re probably going to be a bit out-of-sorts when you’re looking for a bail bond company. This isn’t something that most people have time to research; you can’t exactly flip through the latest issue Consumer Reports and come away knowing which bail bond agency to go with. With any luck, you’ll be able to check some Google reviews on 24-hour bail bond services before you head to the courthouse or jail. (We’re proud to say that Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds has a 5/5-star rating at the time this article was written.)

If you have some more time on your hands — like if the person you’re trying to help get out of jail is too proud to let you help them yet — you might get to do some additional research regarding bail bonds. Curious about how a bail bond works? Want to know what to bring to a meeting with a bail bond agent? What should you do if the person you’re helping ends up skipping bail? All very good questions to ask.

But what about choosing the right bail bond company in the first place? What are the primary reasons that you should choose a company like Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds over other companies on O’ahu? What makes us the most trust bond agency in Honolulu? Here are three things to look for when you need bail money.

They Should Be Friendly

You can tell a lot about a company and the bail bondsmen who work for them from a single phone call. Just pick up the phone and ask them a simple question about how bail works. If they’re willing to talk with you and describe the bail process at length, all the while showing you respect, you’ve probably found a good one.

Finding a friendly bail bond agent is actually much more important than you might think. While a bail bond might only take less than an hour to secure, it’s not like you walk out the door with the bond and you’re done. The bail bond agent will be bonded to both you and the person you’re securing the bail money for, and the contract will have stipulations that both of you must follow. It’s a legal transaction that doesn’t end until the accused has turned up for the court date and the bail bond agent has recouped their money from the court. In other words, it’s a relationship that could last months. You can see now why it’s so important that you work with a bail bond agent you’re comfortable with, because you’ll be contacting them (and be contacted by them) periodically between now and the trial.

Make Sure They Have The Right Payment Options

Some people pay their bail money to the court and never have to deal with a bond agent. But many have to enlist the help of a bail bondsman, even if they’re rich; most people just don’t keep the amount of money around that a court requires to secure the release of someone in jail.

When you are researching bail bond companies, make sure that they’re offering the type of payment options that you are most comfortable with. For instance, if the court requires $10,000 to post bail, you could bring a $1,000 cash to pay the 10-percent fee. If you need to pay the $1,000 by credit card, we can accept those too.

Of course, payment plans are also an excellent option for many people. After all, even a tenth of $10,000 bail can be tough to come by, and many people have decided to take the (often wise) step of only using debit cards and doing away with credit cards altogether. If you need to take time to pay the fee associated with bail bonds, we’re more than happy to offer one to you.

They Should Know Their Stuff

Up above, we were talking about how a bail bond agency should be friendly. But they should also know their stuff when they’re being friendly. Bail bond agencies pop up every day, and it’s important to find one that has a great reputation and knows how the entire system works. After all, the legal system is complex, and even the simplest transactions can use terms that most people find confusing. If words like “indemnitor” and “surety bond” are unknown to you, you’ll want to have someone on your side who can explain them in simple English and won’t be happy until you understand them to your satisfaction.

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