3 Ways to Use Your Time After Being Bailed Out of Jail

An arrest can make a person feel like the walls are closing in around them. Whether you’re the one who was arrested or you are a loved one of the person who was arrested, figuring out the next steps can often feel like a huge challenge. Not to worry, however, because the team at Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds on Oahu is here to help!

We have plenty of experience in our industry; take it from us when we say that we’ve seen it all. All that means for you, however, is that when you turn to us for help, you’ll have someone you can count on to steer you in the right direction. There’s no two ways about it — figuring out what to do can be stressful no matter the circumstances surrounding an arrest. The good news is that we have a few tips for what you can do after working with a bondsman.

In the United States, you have the right to a speedy trial. How quickly you’ll get one depends on a number of different circumstances, but fortunately you can use the time after posting bail to come up with a plan for what you’ll do. It pays to use your time wisely, and in today’s post we’d like to offer a few suggestions on what you can do. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Use Your Time Wisely After Posting Bail

Learn About the Charges Brought Against You

One of the absolute best things you can do after being arrested is to learn more about the charges that are being brought against you. Although not every instance demands that you gain some insight, the truth is that the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be for anything that comes your way. Sure, you’ll likely have the assistance of a lawyer when your trial arrives (more on that below), but it’s always going to be in your best interest to be as informed as possible about the nature of your case, the charges that have been brought against you, and what you can do in your specific situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re not required to speak with the police at this time without your lawyer present. If the police attempt to contact you, you’re free to tell them that you don’t want to answer any questions. You should also be sure to get the name (and if possible, the badge number) of the officer who called you. With this information in hand, turn to your attorney to fill him or her in on the situation.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to know everything you possibly can about what to expect from your trial, but trust us when we say that you’ll be glad to have some peace of mind that can only come from doing your research. Your lawyer is there to help you, but knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can and don’t sweat the details because an attorney can fill in the blanks. Speaking of which…

Speak With Your Attorney

We mentioned making some time to talk to your lawyer above, and that’s another wise decision to make. Although you’re sure to learn quite a bit by doing your own research, you’re not a lawyer. Lawyers spend time and money to gain the knowledge that they have, and your lawyer is no exception. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask your lawyer, because he or she is there to help you to secure the best possible resolution for your case.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you can’t afford to pay for your own lawyer, one will be provided to you. In other words, you’ll get a public defender. Although this is something you should have been informed of during your arrest, it can be easy for everything to turn into one big jumble and for some details to be a little fuzzy. Not to worry, because you should also know that you can turn to the team at Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds for advice at every step of the way. We’ve dealt with a number of different situations over the years, and the one thing you should keep in mind is that we want to be a resource for you during this time. Are we lawyers? Most certainly not. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t offer you advice that is based on the years of experience we have.

Continue With Life as Usual

This last tip is just a bit of good, practical advice — keep living your life. All too often, it can feel like you have to stop everything in order to prepare for the trial that is coming up. This isn’t true. Make it a point to focus on getting those things done, of course, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Our advice is to keep going to work, keep paying your bills, keep seeing friends and family. Take time for the little things like getting a burrito at Alejandro’s, visiting the beach, or going for a jog. You’ll be amazed at how much less stress you feel when you simply take good care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, drink enough water, eat foods that are good for you. Read a good book, go to the theater and see a new movie, or invite a friend over for dinner. It really is the details like this that can go neglected in times of need, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference they make in the long term.

If you’re feeling frantic and your life seems chaotic, there’s a good chance that it will all start to feel like too much to handle. Give yourself plenty of time to take care of your responsibilities, yes, but make sure to find some time to simply enjoy living your life in a way that is healthy.

A Few Things to Know About Your Court Date

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