If you’ve begun the process of looking for bail bonds in Hawaii for your loved one, knowing what to expect can be a difficult thing. After all, for most people, television shows and movies are all they have to go on and it can be hard to know what’s real and what’s been dramatized to have a bigger impact on an audience.

“What can I expect an average bail hearing to look like?”

9226-1To put it simply, a bail hearing is when the judge will determine whether or not the person charged with the crime may run if he or she is granted bail. Sometimes the judge will order a person to stay away from anyone who is connected to the crime that’s alleged to have happened and other times the judge will order that person to have regular contact with the police department or stay within a specific area.

“What does a less-than-average hearing look like?”

From time to time, a judge will deem a person ineligible for bail. Although this happens less often, it can still happen. A few of the reasons you may be ineligible for bail include having allegedly committed a violent crime or having missed an important court date in the past.

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