You don’t have to tell us that the bail bond industry has a bad reputation. While you might give a bail bond agency the side-eye every time you drive past it, we’re on the receiving end of many of the negative stereotypes that plague bail bondsmen and the entire industry!

Now if you’ve worked with Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds on O’ahu before, you found out what a positive experience it can be…relatively speaking, considering that someone you know has been arrested. You no longer fear W.G.O. B.B., but you might still have a negative view of the industry as a whole. Have you ever stopped to think about why bail bond services have such a bad reputation? As a provider of 24/7 bail bonds, we’re up all night; we think about these things. Here are a few of our conclusions.

We Deal With Criminals

Is everyone we cross paths with a criminal? Absolutely not. People are wrongfully accused of crimes all the time, and many of them will never go to jail once everything sorts itself out.

But have some of the people we deal with every day committed a crime? Most certainly. Are some of them rough-looking? Absolutely. But do they have the same rights to the use of a bail bond agent as anyone else? Yes.

Whether a person is guilty or not, it’s important to remember that our time with the arrested person takes up only a fraction of our time. The other part is with the friend or relative wanting to bail them out. We deal with people from all walks of life, blue collar and white collar (and no collar, because, hey, it’s Hawaii!)

Television and Movies Don’t Help

Have you ever seen a nice-looking bail bond agency in a movie or television show? Probably not. In most cases, the bail bond agency is portrayed as the last place on earth you’d want to be, with the worst possible fluorescent lighting, holes in the walls, and chipped tiles on the floor.

Then there’s the portrayal of bail bond agents themselves. In media, they’re often portrayed as someone who’s just waiting to take advantage of someone. They just can’t wait until someone defaults on their payments so that they can take the deed to their house.

Since we brought the subject up, you probably won’t be surprised to know that those portrayals just aren’t accurate. Most bail bond agencies aren’t fancy, but they’re certainly not dumps, either. And bail bond agents are just trying to make a living, providing bail money to people who don’t have enough to get their friend or relative out of jail. We certainly don’t want anyone to skip bail, because that just makes the entire process infinitely harder. We’re a part of the legal system, and we are held to high standards.

Historically, There Have Been Problems

We won’t lie…the bail bond industry hasn’t always been on the up-and-up. It used to be a very shady business, where people would take advantage of people who were in a tough spot. Luckily there are laws in place that have eliminated many of the problems that gave bail bond agents a bad name in the first place.

What’s the best way to find a great bail bond agency? Luckily we live in a world where information is literally available at our fingertips, so all you have to do is pop online and check for reviews. We’re proud of our perfect 5-star status on Google reviews, and you can trust Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds to treat you well when you need bail money.

We Work When It’s Dark

Being a 24/7 bail bond agency, we’re available all night to post bail when people need it. But most humans are diurnal (the opposite of nocturnal) and tend to fear the night on a deep level. After all, we’re very dependant on our sight and the night takes that away from us. We have a primal fear of predators who might be able to see better than us. We also fear other humans who might be out trying to take advantage of the cover that darkness gives them.

Is this a logical reason to distrust someone who works at night? No, it’s not logical, but there are many illogical things that people still adhere to. Just because our bail bond agents are up at night doesn’t mean that we’re predators, either animal or human. But we understand how our being up all night could associate us with the negative feelings most people have of the dark.

We’re the Good Guys!

Are those the only reasons that people don’t trust bail bond agents? Unfortunately, no, there are even more that we’ll be taking a look at in our next blog. For now, if you need a bail bond or have a question about the service, we’d love to talk to you. Contact Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds on O’ahu today!

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