If you have a bad impression of bail bondsmen and bail bond companies, you’re not alone. We even wrote blogs on the issue, detailing the many myths and misconceptions that people have about the industry. So if you read the title of this article, you might think that “what does it take to become a bail bondsman” should actually read “who would want to become a bail bondsman, anyway?”

Read the articles at that link above and you’ll quickly find out how much of what people think about bail bond agents is simply wrong. It’s actually a very interesting job, one that we’d like to talk to you about today. Why would someone want to be a bail bondsman? Let’s find out!

But First: What’s In A Name?

Let’s talk about the words bail bondsman. Isn’t it a little sexist? Well, there’s no doubt that having the word man in there is kind of limiting and moribund, like the word mailman. No doubt we could use the word bondswoman or bondsperson, but the fact is that the terms bondsman is searched for 78-times to 201-times more often than those other terms, so we kind of have to play the odds and use that word more often on our site. Today, though we’re certainly going to use all of them quite a bit more often than usual.

Are there bondswomen? Absolutely! It’s an industry that people with a very special set of skills and interests can enjoy. Let’s get to talking about them.

We’re Part Of The Legal System

When most people think of the legal system, lawyers and judges come to mind. But there are also dozens of other types of job in the legal system for those who don’t want to get a law degree. Stenographers, bailiffs, paralegals, guards, clerks, administrative assistants, and so many more people have a direct impact on the legal process.

Being a bail bondsman is interesting because we’re not directly part of the legal system but provide a way for people to make full use of it. Many people would not be able to take advantage of the bail amount set by a judge, but they are able to come up with the 10-percent fee to pay for the full bail that a bond agent provides. We’re there to help people uphold 6th Amendment rights, because, in lieu of the “speedy trial” the amendment promises, we’re helping people take full advantage of the bail system.

We Have An Interesting Profession

The legal system is as interesting as it is complex. Yes, there are the day-to-day types of clients who come in needing bail money because of theft or DUIs, there are cases that come along that really make things interesting. Everyone who comes in must be treated as an individual, of course, but sometimes interesting bail bond clients can really surprise you with the circumstances of their arrest.

Each Bondsperson Is A People Person

It really helps to be a people person if you want to be a bail bond agent. After all, you’re not just dealing with the accused; many times you’ll be talking with a relative who is securing the bail bond. Because people are often in a scared/bad/angry/frantic mood when they come into a bail bond agency, it’s important to be able to calm them down as much as possible and get them to understand the facts at hand. If you are good at getting people to understand the situation when the cards are on the table, you’d probably make a good bail bondsman.

Another reason it helps to be a people person is because you need to create rapport with the accused. After all, as a bondsperson you are becoming legally bonded to the arrested individual, and it’s part of the agreement that they will show up to every court date. If you can create an instant relationship, it’s much more likely that they’ll adhere to the contract and show up when they’re supposed to.

Finally, it important to make friends wherever you go when it comes to police stations and courthouses. When you get to know the people in the court system and treat you with respect, they’ll most likely do the same for you. This means that both you and your client might end up being processed more quickly.

We’re Not Behind A Desk All Day

Thanks to Hollywood, you probably imagine that a bail bondsman or bondswoman sits in an office all day behind barred windows. And he looks like Steve Buscemi. Or she looks like Steve Buscemi. (We don’t look like Steve Buscemi.)

While it’s true that there is office work involved, it’s seldom in such a bleak environment. In truth, bail bond agents in Honolulu are all over the city and, indeed, the island. Sometimes you’re at the courthouse, other times at a jail. It’s seldom the same day twice, and you’ll be able to get out and about at all times of day.

And speaking of when you’ll be working…

Schedules Are Flexible

Most bail bond companies offer 24-hour bail bonds for one simple reason: people are being arrested at all hours of the day, and that means they’re looking for a bondsman.

Now just because a company offers 24/7 bail bonds doesn’t mean that you’ll be working every hour of the day. But because it’s an industry that works all the time, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll be able to work pretty much whenever you want.

We Like Occasional Detective Work

You know what bail bond agents really hate? Hiring a bounty hunter. It’s just about the last thing we want to do, because hiring one to track down someone who has skipped bail really cuts into our profits.

Instead of hiring a bounty hunter when the accused doesn’t show up for court, we do our own detecting first. It usually starts with talking with family members, because they’re the ones who are most likely to know where the bail-jumper is. Knowing when someone is lying is a great skill to have, as is getting them to reveal something they might not want to. Friendliness is just as important, though, because the family members need to know just how much trouble the jumper is in.

There’s Job Security!

So, do you think crime is going away? While violent crime continues to drop in the country, people are always going to get into trouble. It’s just part of human nature.

What’s the job in the world with the best job security? Some like to say that it’s being a liquor store owner, because people drink when times are good and people drink when times are bad. Well, if people are drinking all the time then they’re also going to be making bad decisions, like drunk driving and getting into barroom fights. The need for bail bond service is always going to be around, in part thanks to the 6th Amendment of the Constitution.

See, We’re Not So Bad!

Being a bail bondsperson isn’t so bad, but it’s certainly not for everyone. After all, how many people do you know who can be both friendly and confrontational at the same time? (Besides your mother being passive-aggressive, of course.)

We have the skills and the attitude it takes to help people when they need a bail bond, and we’re ready to help you. Contact our bail bondsman…or bail bondswoman…today!