If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we have quite a bit to say about what makes for a good bail bond company. In our opinion, the biggest thing a bail bond agency can do is to be transparent. Whether that transparency comes in the form of honesty about what you’ll owe, what to expect, and when you can call or in the form of answering simple questions about how bail works, a good bail bond company will give it to you straight.

That’s why in today’s blog, we take a look at a common question—what is a bail bond?—as a part of our “How Does Bail Work?” series. Keep reading to get an overview of bail bonds and what you can expect from Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds in Oahu.

What is a Bail Bond?

On the very front page of our website, we pose the following question—why spend one unnecessary minute in jail? After all, if you’ve been arrested, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get out of jail as soon as humanly possible.

So you spend a bit of time in jail and then you’re called in to speak with a judge. At that point, the judge sets your bail amount, but it’s a price you’re not able to pay on your own. What are you supposed to do in that situation? You can’t exactly wait it out until the day of your trial. After all, you probably have a job to get to and bills to pay.

To answer the question above—what is a bail bond?—all it takes is putting yourself in the situation we’ve laid out. A bail bond is what allows you to leave the jail and get back to your life while you’re waiting for trial.

The Next Few Steps

To get a bail bond, you’ll call a bail bond agency. If it’s the middle of the night, your best bet is to seek an agency that offers 24 hour bail bonds. At Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds, we know that you want to get out as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll work hard to make sure that you don’t spend any unnecessary time in jail.

Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds is here to answer all of your questions about how bail works. We understand that if you’re in jail, you likely have a number of questions about the process. We want you to know that we’re here to answer any question you have. Our goal is to treat you like family and that means making sure you’re in the loop. Whatever questions you have, we’ll be there to get you the answers you need.

Whether you’re in jail yourself or you’re seeking bail bonds for a loved one, you should know that Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds in Oahu will go above and beyond, ensuring that the process goes smoothly and that you’re always in the know. Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!