If you or a loved one have had the misfortune of being placed in jail, it can take months or even years for the trial to begin. If this is the case, getting a bond is your best option for maintaining a normal life outside of a jail cell until the trial begins! That said, certain bonds differ depending on how funding is received and who takes on the potential financial risks! We at Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds want to inform you about the different types of bonds and how they may affect your situation. We offer 24-hour bail bonds in Oahu, so contact us for help today!

Cash bond

A cash bond involves you or someone you know paying the courts a full cash amount for the defendant’s bond. When you pay the court, you are securing a bond in exchange for the defendant’s release. This essentially guarantees, with cash, that the defendant will return to court as ordered on the date of their trial. Although this is the simplest form of a bond, it is difficult for many to have the full amount of cash on hand required, which is where a surety bond can come into play!

Surety bonds

A surety bond involves the use of a bail bond company such as Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds. When you secure a surety bond, you will not pay the courts directly, as you will instead use the services of a surety company that pays the bond’s full amount on the defendant’s behalf. In exchange for providing the money to bail the person out of jail, the bail bond company will likely charge a fee and may even require some sort of collateral to secure the bond. 

When you work with us, we simply ask for 10% of the bail amount, and you can rely on us to pick up the rest in order to ensure the defendant’s freedom from jail! We offer 24/7 service, so contact us today if you need assistance!

Property bonds

Property bonds are typically the last resort for most individuals in search of a bond as they are quite risky! Instead of paying a bond with cash, this bond type involves paying the courts with a lien on a piece of property for the amount of the bond. This is a good option for those who own property, but can not outright afford the cash or surety bond options!

Who Is At Risk?

Cash Bond – When you post bail with a direct cash bond, you or the person who paid take on all of the financial risks. If the defendant does not show up to their court date, the courts will forfeit the bail, causing the payer to lose all of the money paid for the release. If all goes smoothly, the money will be returned! 

Surety Bond – When a surety bond is used with the court, both the defendant and the bond company take on financial risk. If the defendant misses their court date, the bond company has the right to track them down and return them to police custody. If that occurs, the courts will return the money to the bond company, and the defendant will receive their collateral. If the defendant is not tracked down, a warrant will be issued, and the bond company will lose the money they put up! 

Property Bond – When using property to “pay” the courts, the property owner is at the full risk of losing their property if the defendant does not show up to court. 

Do you or a loved one need to be bailed from hail in Oahu? If so, contact us at Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds as soon as possible, as we have the options you need for the defendant’s freedom.