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What Should I Know Before I Contact A Bail Agent?

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When considering bail for an individual, there are many considerations to make. The bail agent you contact may be able to help you find the best solution possible for your situation. Before contacting a bail agent, it is important that you know what bail bonds are and how they work. This article will give some insight into the different types of bail agents available and their responsibilities in helping people with bail needs.

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What are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are a system of bail used in the United States. Anyone who has been accused of criminal activity and is required to post bail must pay bail money (usually ten percent of the total bail amount) to receive release from jail until their court date.   This bail money is returned to the individual when they attend their trial. If an individual fails to appear in court, the bail agent will be responsible for paying back this bail money (the full amount).

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What Are Bail Bond Services?

If you cannot afford bail, then you can use a bail bondsman service that will agree to  bail the individual out for a small fee. The bail bond service will usually charge around ten percent of the bail amount and may ask for collateral in case you fail to return to court.

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What Are Bail Agents?  

Bail agents are generally categorized by their level of training and expertise. A bail agent must hold a bail bond license in order to assist with bail transactions, but they can also be classified as either an apprentice or full-fledged bail agent depending on how long the person has been working for this type of business.


What Are Bail Agents Responsibilities?

A bail agent must follow state and federal laws when working with bail transactions. They are required to be professional, courteous and empathetic to the needs of clients that need bail assistance. Some bail agents specialize in a particular type of bail such as immigration or juvenile cases.

In summary,  bail bonds and bail services can provide you with the assistance you need to get out of jail until your court date.  Bail agents are trained professionals that hold a license in order to help bail individuals, but they may also specialize in certain types of bail such as immigration or juvenile cases. Please use this article as an informational guide and contact us 24/7 to assist!

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The Benefits of a Professional Bondsman:

Get Free bond advice 24-Hour 7 Days A Week. Collect calls are accepted and up to 20% Discount when Paid In Full!

By understanding the bail process, we can make sure you or a loved one does not spend one more minute behind bars than absolutely necessary. Speak with our bondsman today!

The legal system and court appearances can be tricky. Know what to expect out of the process and you will be better prepared to deal with any situations involving the law and authorities.

Surety bonds are one of the most cost-effective ways to make bail. By giving us 10% of the bail amount, you can then rely on us to pick up the rest in order to ensure your freedom from jail.

It's a good thing to have questions about bail - the more you know, the better you can make your way through the process. Browse through some of our most common questions and answers.