As a bail agency, we know a thing or two about what people should do after being released from jail. As a matter of fact, we recently wrote three good ways to use your time after being bailed out of jail so if you have recently found yourself in that situation, be sure to go back and check out that post!

We’ve been sharing quite a bit of information about everything from knowing your rights to common terms that might be used during your case to things you can do to improve your chances of being released from bail. After all, at Wanna Get Out Bail Bonds, our goal is to provide our clients with all of the information they need to be successful during a difficult time. That’s why in today’s post we’ll be tackling one vitally important bit of information that rarely seems to get mentioned. Keep reading to learn more.

Why You Shouldn’t Speak About Your Case

In this day and age, people have become accustomed to sharing all of the details on their lives on social media. That’s right — not only do we get to see where our friends are and what they’re eating, we also get to take a glimpse into the troubles they are dealing with. Unfortunately if you’ve been released from jail and are awaiting trial for your case, the absolute last thing you should do is make any mention of it online, or in person for that matter.

If you’ll recall your Miranda Rights, there’s mention of the fact that “anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.” The important thing to note there is the word will. In other words, they prosecution will actively be looking for ways to win their case. This makes sense, of course, but it also means that the best defense is silence on all fronts. Even if you’re not guilty, the prosecution is looking for something they can use to prove that you are. Don’t give them the ammunition.

Who Can You Talk To?

Avoiding social media might sound like a no brainer, but did you know that you should also not speak with friends or family about your case? You can give them general details, sure, but avoid going into specifics because if they have privileged information, the prosecution can call them to testify against you. In other words, you don’t have attorney/client privilege with people who aren’t your lawyer.

Your attorney is the best person to discuss the specifics of your case with because he or she has your best interests at heart. This isn’t to say that your loved ones don’t have your best interests at heart, of course, but they’re not trained professionals and they can’t give you advice the way a lawyer can.

That’s why from the time you’re released from jail to the time you have to show up once more for court, make certain that you don’t talk about your case. You may also find yourself in a situation where it is unwise to talk about your case afterwards (due to a nondisclosure agreement, etc.), but the fact remains that you shouldn’t discuss the details of your case with anyone but your lawyer until he or she instructs you otherwise.

It can be incredibly tempting to just want to let your parents, significant others, or bosses in on what’s happening, but this is a bad idea. If you’re unsure of what to say in these situations, ask your lawyer for advice because he or she has dealt with situations like yours before and can provide you with recommendations on how to talk about your case without going into detail or doing anything that could potentially incriminate you or be used against you down the line.

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